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It's Gonna Be May || Mother's Day + Gift Cards


To Autumn, Hello + Goodbye

It's strange not having four distinct seasons! I had not realised that it was autumn because I didn't see the leaves turn a golden hue! Just like that, it's almost the end of autumn and we will start getting in to our winter routines. Because, you know, you need to change up your skin and hair care routines. We'll be giving some tips on how to use essential oils and carrier oils as we get in to the colder season. 

I hope you are all aware that Mother's Day is around the corner!! It's the first time in four years that I get to see my mother on Mother's Day (or her birthday) so I might be more excited than the rest. Why not plan a lockdown high tea with your loved ones? Or, put together a family scrapbook. This lockdown is proving that reeling it in and spending time with family is important! As a subscriber, you can enter the promo code: ILOVEMUM to receive a 10% discount on your order!

On that note, we will be launching GIFT CARDS this month. I don't know a single person that does not struggle to find suitable gifts when they are pressed for time. With social distancing in place, a gift card or purchasing online is the most responsible option! 

We look out for the Zesty Squad! Yes, how does that sound? Our little community has a name! We live our zest life! Haha! 

Oh dear! I am laughing at my own lame jokes! Cabin fever! 

Have a splendid month and please continue to support local businesses! 

With love, 

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