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Keeping It Together this July || Wellness + Growth

What a year this month has been!

At times, it feels as though the days are moving at a snail's pace then boom! It's a new month! It slowly creeps up on you. I had to dig through my vision board and things are looking a little, uhm...let's say, slow. Obviously, with the pandemic, there was a change in focus so looking at my quarterly goals made it seem like I sat back and enjoyed cooking during the lock down, but honestly, I think it's the busiest I have ever been. So much has happened. 

If you have been following us on Instagram, you've seen that we are launching a whole new product range. There has been a lot of testing and formulation and tweaking - we have finally chosen what stays, much like Survivor! 

We will be releasing the products slowly. 

- Yoga Mat Cleaner (Tea Tree or Lavender) 
- Window + Mirror Cleaner 
- Hand Lotion 
- Hand Wash 
- Air Freshener 

Mare & Itis S K I N 

This has been the big one! It's been months of testing, research and getting expert knowledge involved and we are finally almost ready to launch Mare & Itis S K I N. This range includes face oils, toners, beard oils, body oil and hand lotions. I had previously named serums as being part of the family but after consulting with experts, our products are more face oils that serums. There's a whole lot of science behind it all. What's special about this range is that we are using Kalahari Melon Seed Oil for the sensitive skin range. It is the golden oil of Southern Africa - Argan and Evening Primrose Rose oil have a rival. It is such a treat for your skin. More on that later when we tell you more about the individual products. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There are currently packaging shortages and constraints across the country and it is extremely difficult to get hold of any of the black sprays  and pumps. In the future, you could receive packages with white sprays/lids. We are in the middle of a pandemic, things are not normal and we ask that you are patient as we try to work through this together. Let's be human and be kind to one another. If you are in Durban, please feel free to email me about refilling your bottles instead of purchasing new ones. We might have a plan. 
We'll keep you posted. Have a lovely July everyone! xx

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