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Welcome to the Tribe!



Hello and welcome! We are thrilled to publish the first Mare & Itis newsletter, ever! Count yourself as already part of the tribe if you are reading this! Woot! Firstly, the most asked question, how do you you pronounce the name of the shoppe? It's normal, mare like a female horse or a nightMARE! I'll share that story another time. Itis, /ˈīdəs/, slang for when you've eaten so much that you want to pass out. Maagies vol, ogies toe! A common occurrence at Christmas!

Basically, we represent all of the good stuff. The crazy mare with friends the night before and the dolce far niente during the itis! Life is about the little enjoyments, right? So, that's where we chime in!

We have the essentials for a good, clean life! Essential oils, sheet face masks and household goods!


For almost four years, I have lived in a country where skincare products either contain skin bleaching components or they are expensive international brands...that often have to be tested on animals. After many hours of research, I fell in love with a brand from South Korea called Innisfree. I learned more about their eco-friendly approach to skincare and the source of their products.

That is when I started to obsess over the sheet face masks. I especially love the face masks after a long haul flight. More on that in coming newsletters! From that, I started to learn more about essential oils and how I could use them on my face and hair since it was an onerous task to buy ready- to-purchase goods. That is when my kitchen turned in to a mini production line. Okay, a once a month production line.

I have since trialed and tested various combinations of essential oils and other natural ingredients to make hair moisturisers, kitchen cleaners, linen sprays, and foot soaks. There is so much more to develop and I am excited to have you share this journey with me. This journey was not borne out of just being an environmentally aware person, but also out of sheer neccessity. I will be sharing stories, factoids, and product information once a month. Thank you so much for your support!


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